Pride makes conservation fun and it sticks
For over 25 years Rare has partnered with local organizations in 56 countries to design and run Rare`s signature Pride campaigns. Pride campaigns use proven marketing tools like mascots, billboards and radio spots to inspire local communities` pride in their natural resources and motivate behaviors that benefit people and nature.

Change endures long after Rare`s involvement
Rare`s training program builds the skills of Rare Fellows, conservation leaders from partner organizations, and leaves a legacy of professional capabilities ranging from project design and management to workshop facilitation. They learn how to effectively engage local fishers, farmers and resource users to manage resources, not just use them.

Local change: global impact
Rare does not leave success to chance. Proven social science methods help gauge progress. Rare helps local communities tailor solutions to meet their needs.. When a sense of ownership shifts to the people, change lasts. Rare replicates solutions that are proven to help people and nature thrive.

Good ideas abound. Motivating people to adopt them is Rare.
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