Inspiring Change for Coastal Communities Across the world a billion people depend on fish as their main source of protein. Half the fish people eat comes from small, developing world fisheries. Most of these small-scale fisheries are poorly managed and overfished. More than 60 percent of the world's fisheries are overfished. Sound hopeless? It's not.

Rare, Environmental Defense Fund and the University of California, Santa Barbara have identified a solution that will empower thousands of the world's coastal communities to sustainably manage their own fisheries while increasing food security, safeguarding local jobs and conserving important marine habitats and species. This global initiative is called Fish Forever.

Belize Like many other tropical countries around the world, Belize relies on coastal waters for food, livelihoods and tourism. But, like many other coastal areas, marine resources are in rapid decline. In Belize, overfishing of grouper and snapper turned fishers' attention to lobster and conch. Harvest of these two species decreased by about half between the 1970s and 2006. The Belizean government has publicly committed to manage access to marine resources in all of its marine protected areas. The government has invited the Fish Forever partners to build the necessary community support, expand the program and accelerate change.

How Fish Forever Works Orvis will match customer donations up to $30,000, helping spread Fish Forever to reduce overfishing and ensure long-term sustainability in poor, vulnerable coastal communities across Belize. Fish Forever enables local communities to run, manage and take ownership of their projects so change lasts.

Fish Forever has eight critical building blocks that lead to success:
  • Galvanize community support
  • Improve fishery management
  • Foster supportive fisheries policy
  • Grant community access privileges to fishing areas
  • Establish fishery replenishment zones
  • Strengthen links to market
  • Monitor and evaluate progress
  • Locally enforce the system

Your Contribution at Work The Orvis grant will help Fish Forever boost fish stocks, provide food security, improve local economies, and protect and rebuild critical natural infrastructure that will strengthen resiliency to climate change impacts in Belize. Fish Forever's work in Belize will create the first national system of this type of managed fishery in the developing tropics.

With your help, and Orvis matching funds, we will inspire change and improve the lives of thousands of Belizeans as well as ensure the long-term health of one of the most beautiful tropical reefs in the world.

Rare commits to making your gift count. Every donation ensures Rare impact. Thank you for your gift to Rare.

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